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Our school's curriculum is made up of all the learning and other experiences that staff plan for our children. The curriculum that we deliver at Valley is balanced and broadly based. We use UK National Curriculum for English and Maths and use the International Primary Curriculum for other areas e.g. history, geography and science. Music and sport are also strong aspects of our curriculum offer.

Valley Primary School is a busy place. Our general aim is to create a community where each child is helped and encouraged to become independent, happy, confident and to develop their capacity to learn throughout their lifetime.

We develop the whole child physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially. We work hard to ensure that each child feels safe, secure and happy and we support them and their families in promoting a healthy lifestyle. We work hard to instil a strong sense of community at Valley.

Our curriculum is not static as we constantly monitor, review and develop it to meet the needs of our pupils and their community. Our high expectations build on individual achievements and children are encouraged to improve on their previous best.

We are committed to the inclusion of all our learners. All children, including those with specific learning difficulties, the most able, those with physical disabilities and children with English as an additional language are nurtured through an extensive range of strategies, interventions and support.

We celebrate the diversity of our pupils and our community.

Curriculum - Computing

Computing and E-Safety at Valley has been a development focus since March 2014 and is a key priority for us in 2015-16. Our goal is to embed the use of technology within the classroom, and make it a tool which teachers and pupils can use to enable and support independent learning.

Our computing journey began in 2014 when we sought independent advice and support from ‘9ine’ Technology Consultants. We acted on their advice, implementing the following:

  • Introducing iPads for mobile learning - moving towards one to one
  • Developing our core infrastructure with a robust Wi-Fi network
  • Hiring a Network Manager/Learning Technologist to support us on our journey
  • Staff training and building confidence
  • Introducing pupil ‘Digital Leaders’
  • Engaging with our community through information sessions
  • Developing strong E-safety systems and procedures, knowledge and skills

A big part of our journey was working out how to effectively deliver the new National Curriculum computing syllabus. We are currently achieving this through the use of technology such as Espresso Coding and regular lessons about E-Safety and Digital Citizenship.

The computing syllabus is also covered by the International Primary Curriculum units of work. There are units that cover all aspects of computing and offer plenty of scope to embed more general ICT skills including internet research, online communication and collaboration, digital presentations and film creation in a wide cross curricular context.

Computing Curriculum at Valley

PRIMARY national curriculum - Computing


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