Valley Core Values Awards

A big "well done" to all of our fantastic Valley Core Values Awards winners. Your good behaviour has consistently mirrored (at least) one of our Valley Core Values over the past term, and you have set a fantastic example to the rest of your peers.

Spring 2019

Year group "Learn" award "Work together" award "Look after what we have" award
1 Joseph M Lucas Q Abigail W
  Mia LB Jun NO Sophia V
2 Manisha T Isabelle W Thomas C
  Skye K Roman Q Cole H
3 Lucy W Finley H Emmie S
  George A Violet DH Alex J
4 Eliska B Stefan V George S
  George P Roby LR Weronika K
5 Rufus H Elodie G Nicolas LR
  David W Capucine T Anastasia PM
6 Oscar B Tilly H Eliane A
  Alfie R matilda KL Safaa E
  Livia A Kieran M Dorothy P


Valley Values Awards - Spring 2019

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