As part of Science week, Valley have been experimenting with colour changing potions, magically inflating balloons, toothpaste for giants and mystical dry ice!


This week, Valley Primary has been taking part in a wide range of activities as we have been celebrating British Science week. We have been lucky enough to have Fab Science workshop come in, for two days, to carefully work with classes through practical, hands on experiments and inspirational demonstrations. Every class, from years 1 to 6, had the opportunity to create some potions and spells! As part as our ethos of Aim Haigh, we invited a guest speaker- Lisa Hussey- to talk about ‘Challenging Stereotypes’ within the field of Science. Key Stage 1 and Reception are looking forward to next Monday as Alom Shaha-  who has recently published a children’s science book- will be showing children how they can conduct their own experiments anywhere!

Science Week 2019