At Valley Primary School, our Geography work forms part of our termly topics and influences the ‘Homework Menu’ that is offered to the children from Year 1 to 6. We aim to equip children with the knowledge about diverse places, people, resources and natural and human environments, together with a deep understanding of the Earth’s key physical and human processes.  We have designed a progression document to allow us to track the progress of our children as Geographers as they journey through Valley Primary School. This outlines the key threshold concepts for Geography as Place, Patterns and Processes and Enquiry and communication and details how these areas develop year on year.

Geography Intent Statement

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Geography Progression 2023/2024

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Geography Threshold Concept

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Although Geography is often a key aspect of a topic being studied in a Year Group, we also ensure that it is integrated into other areas of the curriculum and that basic skills are taught throughout the year through cross curricular links. 


Geography is intertwined into other areas of the curriculum also. In this example, the study of the life and work of Piet Mondrain allows the children to use atlases to locate where he was born and where this is in relation to us in the UK.


We also have a short weekly session called ‘Valley Geography News’. This looks at current news stories, often focussing on interesting historical and environmental stories and where they have taken place in the world.

Weekly Valley Geography News

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