Curriculum Intent

The curriculum at Valley Primary School intends to offer a broad, balanced, engaging education that meets the needs of all pupils. At its core, there is a commitment to pupils mastering early on the basics in the core disciplines of reading, writing, vocabulary and mathematics in order to develop as independent, confident learners who experience success from any given starting point across the whole curriculum.


Through carefully structured sequences of learning in each subject area, pupils will know and remember more around key threshold concepts which, in turn, will empower pupils to do more with their deepening knowledge, understanding, skills and allow some to display mastery within a subject.


Under our primary curriculum driver of Global Citizenship, we strive to develop the pupils’ awareness of community at local, National and global levels, their place in history and nurture a healthy sense of ambition and aspiration so that each individual can be the best they can be in the classroom and their adult lives beyond.


Supporting the pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is paramount if they are to be truly aware and happy with who they are as individuals. With a clear focus on mental and physical wellbeing and a growing understanding of the personal learning goals of: enquiry, resilience, morality, communication, thoughtfulness, co-operation, respect and adaptability, Valley pupils are well prepared to play their part in life in modern Britain and the world beyond.


The range of experiences encountered by our pupils as they journey through the school allows us to educate tomorrow’s global citizens today.


Physical Education Intent


Physical Education and School Sport provides children with the opportunity to develop their physical and social skills, their understanding of how to lead a healthy lifestyle, whilst doing so with enjoyment. At Valley, we aim to provide all of our children with the opportunity to develop as young sportsmen and sportswomen by building our curriculum based on the following threshold concepts;

•           Leading a healthy lifestyle.

•           Developing sport leadership.

•           Acquiring, applying and evaluating skills and techniques.

We believe that Physical Education and School Sport is about more than just being confident in one sport and we aim to deliver a curriculum that develops a variety of skills from the moment they join our school in Early Years to when they leave in Year 6. Our curriculum provides pupils with an understanding of the importance of physical activity on their physical, mental and social well-being. In addition to this, our curriculum also focuses on the need to develop our pupil’s leadership skills and how this can further help them become Global Citizens; developing resilience, communication and an ability to improve on their previous best. 

Within our curriculum, we also look to provide our pupils with a sense of ambition and aspiration by highlighting a variety of sporting role models from a variety of different backgrounds and by developing our links with the local community.

Outside of the classroom, we are also proud to offer an inclusive and diverse our extracurricular time table that provides each child with the opportunity to an enriching Physical Education experience through a wide range of activities and an opportunity to compete against other pupils and schools.

PE Overview

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PE Knowledge Organisers

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