Valley Travel Plan

The Travel plan here at Valley has been significantly improved over the last couple of years, as we try and focus on how travel can impact our school and our children. We have recently been accredited with the Gold award to acknowledge our work as a school community. 

Each term, we record the different modes of transport that children use to travel to school. This provides opportunity to track progress on the number of children, and parents, choosing a sustainable method of transport. At Valley we have a large number of children who walk, cycle or scoot to school.

Protecting our school from daily car fumes has been a focus over the last two years and we have taken part in the 'Idle Free' campaign, to educate drivers on the need to turn their engine off when sat outside the school. 
Every 2 years, Junior Travel Ambassadors are appointed in our school. These are a small group of students who really have a passion for climate change and who want to make a difference to the sustainable life of our school; Focussing on spreading a message, working with parents, running competition and generally being a point of contact for those students who want to make a difference. 

Attached is the latest 2021 school travel plan, which gives a more in depth look at how we track and record progress in our school.