At Valley we feel passionately about the benefits that an in depth and varied musical education has for in children’s development and feel that this is something that should universally accessible to all children. To ensure that we provide an in-depth musical curriculum, we teach Music at Valley through Charanga Music School.  This is a scheme of work which works closely in line with the National Curriculum as well as the new Model Music Curriculum, to ensure that all pupils develop a rounded, through musical understanding and are given the opportunity to learn to play an instrument (at Valley this is the Glockenspiel). 

Through Charanga, we promote our curriculum drivers and the children develop a deeper understanding of a range of artists, composers and musical genres. The Threshold Concepts we value at Valley are taught within each lesson, as well as overarching and developing across each musical topic. 

Music Threshold Concepts: 

  • Appraise and Compare
  • Compose
  • Perform

VPS Music Intent Statement

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