Sayers Croft 2019 Photos - 4AG

4AG had a fantastic time at Sayers Croft. Here are some photos of our fabulous trip:

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Sayers Croft 4MS 2019

 Look at how much fun we had at Sayers Croft!

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Yr2 Art Event - December 2018

Here are some photos from the brilliant Year 2 Art event on 19th December 2018.

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6AG - (IPC) - Extreme Weather

This term in IPC we are learning about extreme weather.

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Down at Downhouse

5CI have been to Down House (Charles Darwin's house) and had a thrilling time. At Down House we saw one of Darwin's pieces of work.

Drwin had an enormous garden;as he was rich.There was lots of different parts of Darwins house and we saw where on the stairs Darwin  banged his head onWe…

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What are we doing?

We are learning about Charles Darwin's life and discovery, we also went to his family's house!

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6AL- IPC work

This year, year6 have been learning about biomes of the world. Biomes are different places of the world with diffrent climates; trees,shrubs,animals and landscapes. Year6 have written a whole brochure about different biomes, and have studied how different biomes work, and how different animals are…

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3EE IPC Topic - Chocolate!

As a class,we learned about chocolate. My favourite part was when we did a experiment, which was tasting, but I am dairy free so I got dairy free chocolate. It was really fun.

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We had lots of fun with this topic TURN IT UP, experimenting lots of fun things - decorating,dancing and of course listening! We are looking forward to learning more about sound and will hopefully be scientists after our topic waves goodbye!

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5JW trip - Charles Darwin

5JW have been learning about Darwin, including his childhood and adaulthood. We've learnt that he liked to find out new things. Once, he put a beetle in his mouth! This is where he used to live and now it's been converted into a musem!(crazy).

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4DL Bright sparks - Exit point

In our IPC topic, ( Bright sparks) we had lots of fun testing different objects (e.g key rings,door handles and coins) to see whether they were conductors or insulators! We also tried making a giant circuit using lemons and copper coins to see if the lightbulbs would light up! 

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3CT - Awesome art day!

We used chalk pastels and oil pastels. Next we got a sketch book that we draw in. I had so much fun!

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